This cute coffee shop is located at the trendy Boca Park in the same row as Kona Grill.  They have live music on most nights.  Based on the amount of people there it’s definitely a place to see and be seen.

Lots of outdoor seating available that is dog-friendly :)

The interior is loft-like with an exhibition barista area and a comfy upstairs area with additional seating.  The decor is modern yet has a vintage cafe charm.  They serve gourmet coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and dessert.  A little pricey but you’re paying for the ambiance and it’s expected since you’re in Summerlin/Boca Park.

Boysenberry macaroon $1.35- bakery down the street has better at a fraction of the cost
Gluten-free almond and pine nut cookie $2.05- yummy but way too small for the price

Signature nutella latte $4.50

Caprese on baguette $7.75, black forest ham & brie on baguette $8.95
Both were small, over-priced, and tasted like your average sandy.

They have these cool anatomic heart sculptures with different designs on them all over Boca Park.  I’ve also seen them at Tivoli Village.  This one I particularly like because it has Vegas pics on it and the captions says “There is always L V in LOVE.

I really liked the hip atmosphere of Sambalatte.  It seems like a great place to socialize or enjoy a special cup of coffee and people watch.  The food wasn’t the greatest but the fun environment made up for it.